Friday, 23 August 2013


Uncle Matt is off on his travels again. This time a shortish trip to North Korea, via China. I have had to abandon ( temporarily ) my no-fly principles and will be flying initially to Beijing for a couple of days where I hope to revisit a few favourite watering holes before going on to Pyongyang. There I will be joining a small group of, hopefully, amusing fellow travellers . We will be in the country for 18 days visiting several outlying districts which I doubt many tourists will have seen, accompanied, no doubt, by officially approved 'guides'. We are to be shuttled around by mini-bus and Antonov 26. It will be fascinating to experience domestic North Korean piloting skills, amongst all else.

Why a visit to the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea?...Out of sheer curiosity, that's why!

I am told that there are no public internet facilities out there so this journal will have to be continued on my return, sometime around the middle of September. Hopefully.

Stand-by for further revelations.......

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