Wednesday, 8 January 2014


30th Dec - 2nd Jan 2014

The national flag. 

One facility near central Lusaka which impressed me was the Show Ground. This is a large area of shops and stands surrounding the main arena. Once upon a time it must have been truly magnificent, on a par with any large permanent show ground in UK but, as with so much in this country, it has been allowed to deteriorate. Many of the once glitzy show ground shops have been converted into shabby workshops and temporary offices. There is even an internal railway system which, years ago, took visitors around the ground. The line is still there but overgrown and now defunct.

 The central arena ( right ) is still used for an annual show, including equestrian events such as show jumping. 

Sadly, much of the area resembles a 'work not in progress' with much debris and dilapidation in evidence. There is so much scope, one feels, for investment here to make this place an impressive showpiece but I presume the will, money and entrepreneurial mindset is just not there. Such a pity. One day....maybe.

On the periphery is a fully functioning polo field. This, I presume is patronised by ex-pats and the wealthy locals. It has a picturesque thatched clubhouse ( although part of the roof has caved in ) and a fairly smart restaurant on the boundary. I was told that the Zambian polo community has 1 five goal and 3 four goal handicapped players. They play international matches with such countries as South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as holding local tournaments.

There are about 50 ponies stabled here, although most now out at grass. The ones I saw all looked in remarkably good condition.  There is plenty of good grass. They are mostly retired race-horses from South Africa and Zim.

Right: The stables, which are in good nick. Plenty of grooms around even though this is not the polo season; it's too wet. They play from March through to November.

Left: This lady ( 1 handicap ), and her husband, own twenty ponies. She was out exercising a few of them. PS. I have been asked; the man in the photo is not her husband.

That about covers much of what I saw in Lusaka and I am most grateful to my hosts for a luxurious stay. Heading on south next to Livingstone ( I presume ).

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  1. The husband doesn't look too pleased or is he the stable boy!