Tuesday, 25 February 2014


24th Feb 2014

Tomorrow I am off to Argentina. Initially for a three day wedding celebration in Buenos Aires then, assuming I survive intact, off on my travels around that country and Chile.
I am fairly ignorant about what goes on in those parts. I know they speak Welsh in Patagonia, lots of wine is produced, they are rather good at polo, there is some excellent river fishing, there's a big waterfall in the north-east and the Argentinian economic situation is in turmoil. Other than that I must remember, in Argentina, not to mention 'The War'. Talking of which, the late Chilean President and Senator, General Augusto Pinochet, sent me a Christmas card when he was under house arrest on Wentworth golf course, but that's a long story and may get a mention later.
I am, unavoidably, suffering the indignity of travelling by air ( cattle class ) via Madrid and still debating whether or not to pull the old wheelchair ruse. It has it's advantages but might cause a problem when attempting my 'blagging' into the VIP lounge on the hold-over at Madrid.
All will be revealed.....stand-by.

Arriba Arriba!

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