Sunday, 13 March 2016


12th Mar 2016

I have been inspired recently by an excellent book entitled 'Turkey: Thwarted Ambition'. This magisterial work was written by the renowned author and soldier Simon V Mayall (published by Diane Pub. Co, available from Amazon, ISBN 978-0788146695) and not to be confused with 'Turkeys: Not Just for Christmas' by the late Bernard Matthews. Anyway, it has enthused me to visit the place and I intend to travel by rail from London via Brussels, Munich, Budapest, Bucharest and on to Istanbul with a couple of days spent en-route somewhere in Romania. I hope to report on the journey and will offer my 'take' on the places I visit and perhaps fill in a few details of interest not covered by Simon V Mayall's erudite tome.

Departure date 20th stand-by for further revelations. 

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