Tuesday, 24 April 2018


24th April 2018

Having made comment in a previous post on 'annoying unnecessary announcements' (August 2015), I am now finding some very 'silly unnecessary signs'.

Left: Take this one for starters, on an escalator at Heathrow Airport.

Apart from telling you to take 'extra' care with luggage and children, it insists you must carry a dog. Why should you have to carry a dog to use the escalator? What happens if you don't own a dog or don't have one conveniently to hand? Do they provide one? Anyway, when you are carrying the mandatory dog, especially if it is a socking great big one, i.e. a Great Dane, it would be almost impossible to comply with the instruction to 'hold the handrail' as well which, as far as I can see, is at the edge from which you must 'keep clear'. Who thinks these things up?

I expect to find a few more of these moronic public notices. I will keep you posted.

Wandering around Parliament Square (London) I came across this recently erected statue (left). The only one of a woman in the Square. It is of Millicent Fawcett who was a 'Suffragist' at the end of the 19th century. Not to be confused with the 'Suffragettes' in the early 20th century. Suffragists were peaceful. Suffragettes were violent.

I think she is meant to be a bit of a feminist icon. If so I can't think why she is waving a dishcloth advertising beer. They might just as well have had her behind an ironing board.

Perhaps they will change the slogan regularly. An interesting prospect and asking for trouble in my opinion.

Left: One of the lifts at London Heathrow airport. If you can read the sign it stipulates a maximum  load of 4000 kg or 53 persons. 53 persons!! It measures 4 paces by three inside. It was packed when 15 of us were in it. To get 53 people in this would be physically impossible, even if they had no luggage and were stacked horizontally.

It beggars belief! We are governed by complete idiots.

Left: 'Mind the step'! What? there is a 4ft drop onto the tracks in front of that white line. Why would anyone who is not blind need reminding? And if you are blind you would not be able to read the silly sign anyway. Do they take us for complete nincompoops?

Right: On the bridge over a river inlet in Bermuda. It appears that it is forbidden to fish for swimmers!

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