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5th - 13th Dec 2017
In the event of a Tsunami! There were 'exit' signs.
The town of Phuket is a pleasant place. Decent restaurants, cafés and bars with lots of shops on the main street, Tha Lang, selling batik material and other clothes and bric-a-brac. It is considerably more tasteful than the beach resorts with only a couple of noisy late-night 'clubs' (that I saw).

Much of the architecture has Portugese influence. I'm not sure of the history but it looks colourful and attractive.

Left: Romanee Street in the town centre.

Right: I'm not sure why but this group of students (I presume students) encouraged me to take their photo. Maybe one of them will read this, so I publish it.

Left: There is a very jolly Sunday night market on the main street.

It was crowded and quite difficult to move along the pavement.

As mentioned earlier, there is a significant Muslim community in these parts. Many of the food stalls were manned, or womanned, by Muslim ladies.

....and several musicians and bands performed. This one (left) was made up of children from one of the local schools. I'm not sure what all those curious instruments are that they played, but they were very skilled and made a most enjoyable noise.

Right: Another street view. Really quite tasteful in comparison to the beach towns.

Left: One of the pleasant cafés. This one featured an impressive collection of antique clocks and, of all things, radio sets. It provided excellent coffee of various types.

Right: You can have fun with these backdrops. I wandered into this place by chance. It is better if there is more than just one of you.

Some more examples.

Left: I don't think so!

Anyway, I had a jolly time in Phuket  (apart from the sunburn). Off next to my old stamping ground of Saigon (Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh City).

Right: You can't escape them. Has anyone got a machine gun?

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